OMNIVIGIL Solutions is a Canadian manufacturer of technological solutions.

The OMNIVIGIL team has been developing for more than 10 years advanced telecommunications services in addition to designing state-of-the art solutions to meet the needs of companies and government agencies in regard to alerts and notifications. The robustness of its services results from its research and development activities to meet imperatives in the voice of IP segment, but also from managing the risks and challenges inherent to the civil security and protection sectors.

The expertise and technology of OMNIVIGIL gives companies and public agencies optimized and innovative solutions to meet the growing needs in the field of telecommunications.

More than 800 companies use our services and contribute to our success...


OMNIVIGIL's success is based on its team's fundamental values:

  • Enthusiasm and passion for telecommunications technology
  • Promote innovation and quality innovative solutions
  • Commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers

The team offers a depth of capabilities and skills which are usually found only in much larger suppliers - From residential IP telephony services to advanced business dispatching services, up to alert services to the public.

Its customers can rely on its solid expertise to ensure the success of their project.